Student Development Camps and Leadership Programs

Outward Bound's school camps and programs are customised to the outcomes your school wishes to acheive, with expedition/journey-based programs, activity based programs or a mixture of the two, ranging from three-day on-site leadership programs to twelve day expeditions.

Our highly trained and experienced staff deliver a custom designed program using experiential teaching techniques and incorporating challenging activities and initiatives into the framework of the course.

Some of the activities may include: expeditioning, Ropes Course (high and low), abseiling, rockclimbing, rafting and/or raft-building, canoeing, navigating, bushcooking, Solo, and team building games and initiatives.

student development camps and leadership programsStudent Leadership and Personal Development

Outward Bound's outdoor education programs aim to educate for the 21st Century, facilitating participants':

1. Growth in their own self-awareness
2. Strength of their relationship with their peers
3. Relationship with the natural world

Our student development and leadership programs challenge students physically, emotionally and pique interest in their own self.

In educating young adults for the 21st Century the themes that we focus on (but we are not limited to), depending on the goals of the program, include: Resilience, effective communication, healthy risk taking, healthy living, challenge, adventure, tolerance, trust, leadership, goal setting, dealing with adversity.

Experiential Education Model

An Outward Bound course is designed using the principles of Experiential Outdoor Education.  Experiential Outdoor Education is 'learning through doing'. Throughout the course, students are actively engaged in questioning, investigating, experimenting, solving problems, assuming responsibility, and being creative.  An Outward Bound course is not restricted to the confines of timetables, syllabus and curriculum; so lessons are learnt as participants are ready to learn them- often at different speeds and at different times.  As participants learn, they are encouraged to transfer the lessons into their own 'real-world' context.

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Aims and Outcomes

Outward Bound offers a diverse arrange of activities to meet a variety of outcomes. These include:

  • Climbing - problem solving, initiative, facing fears, supporting team members, physical challenge
  • Abseiling - facing fears, individual challenge, pushing the limits, unique activity
  • Raft building - group cooperation, teamwork, communication, different mode of transport
  • Expedition - working as a team, learning basic navigation skills, communication, development of planning and problem solving skills
  • Teambuilding games and leadership initiatives - fun, creative, short and sharp exercises to enhance learning in areas such as communication, leadership, teamwork, cooperation
  • Solo - reflect on the experience, time apart from the rest of the group
  • Bushcook - celebration feast, group social event, planning and organisation
  • Ropes course - individual challenge, facing fears, problem solving, initiative
  • Service - group cooperation, instills community values and a sense of contribution
  • Rafting/Canoeing - Group cooperation, teamwork, skill and care, communication
  • Caving - facing fears, team and individual challenge, wonder at the natural environment

Activities will be dependent on the location, aims and the course length.