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There is a saying at Outward Bound – "once an Outward Bounder, always an Outward Bounder." We know that Outward Bound is a life changing experience and that lifelong friendships form on course.

However, when the value of an Outward Bound program is questioned, the most common information requested is what value it has to a young person’s education and career prospects. We generally respond to this narrow measure of success by explaining the rewards of a holistic experience that will develop emotional intelligence for example, a key tool for success in all areas of our lives; whether it is personal or professional.

An ideal education is orientated towards developing our physical, psychological, mental, spiritual and creative well-being. A holistic and developmental conception of education implies that education will be a lifelong experience. To live is to continually develop our capacities. It is this concept of a broad, holistic and lifelong learning experience that we would ideally like to capture. This is how we can measure the success of our programs over time, and share this influence and success with a wider audience. It also allows us to create a community and reconnect with friends.

For example, Hugh Riminton's story. Hugh’s Outward Bound experience has had a powerful influence on his ongoing success and it is this very message that we would like all alumni to share. Rather than attempt to demonstrate statistical outcomes such as how many people are still in education or have a job, we can tell first hand stories of how Outward Bound has influenced, and continues to influence the individuals who have participated.  These stories will paint an inspiring picture of their broad experiences, talents and achievements with a focus on the part that Outward Bound has played.


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