Risk Management 

Safety is our number one priority. We endeavour to provide a safe and challenging environment for our participants.  As leaders in adventure based learning, we have developed over many years a comprehensive risk management system. This includes overarching policies for the safe running and management of programs in line with Australian and International Adventure Activity standards.

We conduct annual internal audits, bi annual external audits, staff appraisals, staff training and bi monthly safety reviews in line with our own internal standards. All our operational areas have specific Local Operating procedures in addition to the national operating standards we have for all staff conducting and running programs in the field.

Staff are vetted and assessed before employment based industry standards as well as our own additional safety expectations. As an established RTO we assess staff according to established industry standards, and then add our own internal safety standards and requirements to this. This means that an OBA Instructor is then competent to safely manage programs in our specific environments as well as deliver the best learning outcomes for our participants.

Ongoing risk management is maintained through our instructors in the field through to their co-ordinators back at base. Each program has identified support personnel including a additional levels of internal authorities and oversight to ensure the appropriate level of support.

Our safety record is exemplary and we expect this will remain so due to robust policy and responsible management. 

We encourage parents and participants to familiarise themselves with the Risk Management Policy available to view via the link above.