Duke of Edinburgh - Adventurous Journey

Adventurous Journey
Outward Bound Australia has developed a specialised program in order to the support The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award in the Adventurous Journey component of the award.

The proposed structure of programs entails Outward Bound Australia acting as a service provider offering expedition programs for participants to obtain their silver or bronze award.


Program Design

A 6-Day program has been designed to meet the requirements of the follow levels of the award:

• Bronze – practice journey and qualifying journey
• Silver – practice journey and qualifying journey

The program has been designed in order to meet all the requirements of the adventurous journey, as outlined below.

1. Undertake training that is relevant to the planned journey. This may vary depending on what the Adventure Activity Standards are in your State or Territory.
2. Ensure you discuss and get approval for each journey, including all practice journeys and qualifying journeys from your Coordinator prior to taking each journey.
3. Ensure the minimum required numbers of four (4) people are part of each Adventurous Journey.
4. Undertake sufficient practice journeys to ensure that the qualifying journey is safe. These practice journeys should be using the same mode of transport (canoeing, walking etc) as the qualifying journey.
5. Ensure the qualifying Adventurous Journey meets the time requirements for the chosen level of The Award.
6. Undertake activities substantially in their own time. This means that while some activity may take place within school, university or work hours, most of it should occur outside of these scheduled times.
Upcoming courses 2014
Western Australia - April 15th - 20th
Victoria - September 22nd - 26th
Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 1800 267 999 for more details.



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