Operating in WA for over 25 years

Outward Bound has been operating in WA for over 25 years. With humble beginnings at our first base, we have delivered programs to over 10,000 West Australian’s and now operate all year around from Walpole and various other smaller operating areas close to Perth.

Outward Bound WA is home to the old majestic jarrah, karri and tingle forests, which surround imposing granite peaks, peaceful rivers, wetlands and tranquil inlets and overlook picturesque sandy beaches, sheer coastal cliffs and the Southern Ocean.

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All Outward Bound Australia programs are offered in WA, including schools, professional and community courses. For details on current courses available, click on the links to the right of this screen.

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Outward Bound Western Australia is an Australian Tourism Accreditation Program  organisation and  a member of the Tourism Council Western Australia


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