Professional Development Programs for Staff

Outward Bound Professional offers staff development programs that invest in leadership development and building successful teams through helping people realise their potential in an outdoor learning environment.

At Outward Bound Professional, we know the best way to learn about yourself and others is by doing. Our teamwork challenges use experiential education, teaching patience, listening skills and communication to develop leaders in the space of soft skills, away from the four walls of an office.

professional development programs for staff

Leadership Development Program

Our leadership training  courses and activities  will give your emerging leaders insight into their own capabilities and management methods, empowering them to inspire their own teams to know what they are capable of.

Strong teams, high-performing individuals

Outward Bound Professional teaches the practical skills of leadership through action-oriented, outdoor based experiential techniques that can be transferred to soft skills within the office to develop strong,  high performing teams and effective leaders.

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Teaching "soft" skills of Management

In today’s fast-paced, high-stress and ever-changing workplace, leadership training is common practice in accelerating the process of developing high performing teams and superior leaders. There are many workshops, lectures, seminars and team building options available to choose from for corporate teams, so why choose Outward Bound Professional?

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Customised Staff Development Programs and for teams and individuals

Our professional development programs are custom designed for your team’s needs. Depending on your objectives and desired outcomes, Outward Bound Professional will co-design a program with you that can include a range of typical or tailored components.

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Retaining Staff is a Tangible Outcome for your Business

Research suggests nearly 25 per cent of Australian employees will change jobs in any given year. And when you consider staff turnover costs can be up over 150 per cent of a person's annual salary it makes sense that retaining employees should be a high priority for your business. There is a clear link between effective staff retention strategies and well-performing companies. If you can recruit and retain good people, you establish a strong competitive advantage. It’s important to take the time and energy to invest in keeping your staff happy, motivated and productive.

Poor management, inadequate training and lack of career development are often cited as reasons staff leave their current employment for better opportunities elsewhere.

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