Case Study - Evans & Peck



Evans & Peck is a Tier 1 international consulting company.  It provides project and business advisory services to the infrastructure and resources sectors, supporting governments and private organisations in the conception, development and delivery of major projects and programs.

Business Situation

Evans & Peck puts a large amount of effort into the development of their younger, up and coming generation of employees – the “Future’s Group”.  Evans & Peck places importance on this group’s development for the company’s long term success and growth.

Evans & Peck engaged Outward Bound Professional to develop a weekend program that would enable a number of members of the Future’s Group from around Australia to develop their leadership and teamwork capabilities together.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the weekend were to:

  • Provide teamwork activities and develop leadership skills
    • Build relationships amongst the Australian Future’s Group
    • Allow people to share experience’s and lessons learnt
    • Increase and foster an understanding of one’s own abilities
    • Challenge thinking and comfort zones away from the typical workplace environment

Program Outcomes

Evans & Peck Future’s Group participants found that Outward Bound Professional delivered a program that exceeded expectations.  The weekend went further than the objectives, engaging the Future’s Group to the extent that they became highly motivated for their own and Evans & Peck’s future.

The weekend went further than addressing the program objectives.  The facilitators, environment, program and collection of participants from around the country, were factors that combined to elicit issues that were within the company. These issues were discussed to the future benefit of Evans & Peck.

Our senior management intends to continue achieving positive outcomes for their Future’s Group, and Evans & Peck, through our ongoing relationship with Outward Bound Professional.

Impact in the workplace

“Meeting my counterparts in other offices was a wonderful experience.  Sharing and conquering various challenges as a team cemented our relationships, both between individuals and as a group.  We all expressed an avid interest in maintaining the relationships forged over the weekend.”

- Evans & Peck Consultant, Perth

“Working closely together with inter-branch peers gave me the opportunity to assess what I am able to bring to a team and further develop those skills.”

- Evans & Peck Consultant, Brisbane

“The Outward Bound experience took us out of our comfort zones, whether they be physically, mentally or emotionally. By creating a “place apart”, the weekend challenged us to focus on our qualities as individuals, future leaders and members of a team.”

- Evans & Peck Consultant, Sydney


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