Case Study - The Trust Company



The Trust Company is an independent trustee company, founded over 125 years ago, with offices across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. They offer clients a range of trustee and financial services and are committed to developing the expertise, skills and capabilities of its team members.

Business Situation

To achieve one of their goals of having a high performing team culture, The Trust Company partnered with Outward Bound Professional in 2009 to develop its staffs’ team building and leadership capabilities.

The success of the program has led to further participation throughout all levels of the organisation. The Trust Company has continued to partner with Outward Bound Professional to further develop skills at their Senior Management conferences.

Program Objectives

Whilst providing our team the opportunity to explore their potential in a safe, yet challenging environment, the main goals of the program were:

  • Emphasis on working together
  • Building enduring relationships
  • Recognising challenges and working together to find solutions
  • Providing opportunity to get outside of our comfort zone.

Program Outcomes

Improved Teamwork: The Trust Company recognises that working effectively as a team is crucial to business success. The experience on Outward Bound creates an environment where people have the skills and capabilities to do their best work. As a result we see high performing individuals setting the standards in professional excellence.

Building relationships: Participants were able to meet colleagues from other offices which provided an opportunity to put names to faces, understand job functions and get to know each other better. As a result of these programs, participants are able to acknowledge each other’s strengths, values and behaviours.

Recognising challenges – working together to find solutions

The Trust Company team now understands the strengths of each individual and recognises that we are passionate about finding the best solution for our clients and that challenges bring opportunities. Our managers are able to refer to specific activities from the program, and as a result we are able to engage our people to provide the best outcomes for our clients.

Impact in the workplace

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Outward Bound experience and believe it was a very valuable experience in team development as well as mental endurance.  I enjoyed the various teamwork activities including the personality exercise, the activity on the river and the final activity on the pier. All in all I feel charged and alive after the Outward Bound course. Not only have I gained a large portion of self-confidence in my leadership ability, the camaraderie established over just a short time was really positive and has cemented our team. I would highly recommend this course to other people and organisations.

Jonathon Rado – Private Client Advisor


“My time on Outward Bound has enabled me to put my own cynicism to the side and put energy into making The Trust Company a better place for us all. I’ve gained a real sense of accomplishment and team work, but above all, have taken a lot of fun and laughter from the program”

- The Trust Company Consultant.


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