Professional and Corporate Development Programs

Professional and Corporate Development Programs

Outward Bound Professional is a corporate retreat invested in developing leaders and building successful teams through helping them realise their potential in an outdoor learning environment.

We have customised and off-the -shelf professional development programs that teach the practical skills of leadership through action-oriented, outdoor based experiential techniques, which can be transferred to soft skills within the office to develop effective leaders and high performance teams.

The spectacular off-site settings amongst the natural beauty of Australia's bushlands and waterways offer a break and reward for staff while creating a place apart where self-awareness of capabilities and management methods is facilitated.

Read about our customised and off-the-shelf program options, outcomes and point of difference here:

2professional and corporate development programs

  • Off-the-shelf Leadership Program
    Our leadership development program is tried and tested and is suitable for individuals with leadership potential, middle managers and executives in corporations, government agencies and not-for-profits.  
  • Testimonials
    Read what clients, partners and graduates have to say about the significant contributions Outward Bound Professional has made to their workplaces, lives and careers.
  • Case Studies
    View Case Studies from three clients and the outcomes they acheived through Outward Bound Professional.
  • OB Professional Clients
    View a selection of the companies and organisations that have chosen OB Professional to work with their teams and emerging leaders in the professional development space.
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