The Graham Polly Farmer Foundation Sponsors Students to Learn

18 students sponsored by the Graham “Polly” Farmer Foundation have recently returned from an Outward Bound Course. The students are part of the Port Augusta Partnership for Success program which assists indigenous youth to reach their potential.

The students made the journey from Port Augusta in South Australia to National Base at Tharwa. They completed a seven day course on which they were taken out of their comfort zone and their limits tested.

The 18 students spent the week hiking, caving, abseiling and most importantly, working together.

The Polly Farmer Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1995 to help improve opportunities for young Australians. The Foundation works with indigenous youth who have the capacity and desire to complete secondary education. To do this the Foundation establishes outside school support facilities, which give students the facilities and networks they need to achieve.


The Outward Bound course helps the students realise their own strengths as well as those of others, and teaches the value of working together. The course also aims to impart that helping each other makes a group stronger.

Port Augusta Partnership for Success Project Leader Stephen Carter said that Outward Bound was great at developing resilience and reinforcing the concepts of leadership and teamwork.

“You could see the students developing as the course went on, both individually and as a team. They showed terrific leadership in some trying circumstances. The most encouraging part though is the change in long term goals and motivation we are already seeing from some of them,” Stephen said.

“The students had to face their fears to get through some of the activities like abseiling and caving. They got through as a team though, and even started leading some of the energiser activities themselves.”

“The Outward Bound instructors play a huge role in what the students take form the course. They are fantastic at imparting their passion to the young people they work with. The way they work plays a big role in changing people’s futures.” Stephen added.
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