At Outward Bound Australia we believe that by working with others we can achieve more than we could alone. In pursuing our community development purpose, we engage in a range of partnerships and alliances that allow us to achieve greater social impact by working in collaboration with others. Thank you to all of our partners and supporters for your ongoing support.

Supporters of Outward Bound


CAF Charities Aid Foundation
Coal Allied Coal & Allied Community Development Fund
Greater Good The Greater Good Foundation
Lions Clubs of Australia
Mazda The Mazda Foundation
Mumbulla Mumbulla Foundation

Swiss Re
Swiss Re
The Danks Trust The Danks Trust

Thyne Reid Foundation
Thyne Reid Foundation
Westpac Foundation
































Individual Donors

  • Rod Pearse OAM
  • Will Crothers
  • Christopher White
  • John Atkin
  • Phillip Hains
  • John Bullock
  • Paul Hossack
  • Peter Acres
  • John Leigh
  • Peter Griffin
  • David Lyons
  • Brett Lanham
  • Brendan McManus
  • Greg and Di Chapman
  • John Morris
  • Margaret Sutherland
  • David Tyrwhitt
  • Brooks Wilson
  • Jeremy Maddin
  • Brian East
  • Graham Dryburgh
  • K & A Crozier
  • John Hearps
  • Trevor Leverington



Program Partners



Boral Limited
WA Water WA Water Corporation
Fletcher Building
Fletcher Building


Scisco Career Pathways
Mettle Mettle Group
Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme
Parks Victoria
Young Endeavour Young Endeavour Youth Scheme























Pro Bono Supporters

walk for youth Walk for Youth
design quotes2 DesignQuotes
Aitken Lawyers Aitken Lawyers
CFO The CFO Solution
Collard Clarke Jackson
Collard Clark Jackson
Country Education Australia Country Education Foundation of Australia
Mountain Designs Mountain Designs Australia
The Smith Family
The Smith Family
Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Upcoming Courses

Mon May 05 - Mon May 12
WA Catalyst Leadership Development
Sat May 24 - Fri May 30
ACT Catalyst Leadership Development
Mon Jun 30 - Fri Jul 11
NSW Rainforest Navigator
Mon Sep 22 - Sun Sep 28
ACT Australian Alps Family
Mon Sep 22 - Fri Oct 03
ACT Australian Alps Navigator
Mon Sep 22 - Sun Sep 28
VIC Snowy River Family
Mon Sep 22 - Fri Oct 03
VIC Snowy River Navigator
Mon Sep 22 - Sun Sep 28
WA South West Family
Sun Sep 28 - Thu Oct 09
WA South West Navigator
Sat Oct 18 - Fri Oct 24
NSW Catalyst Leadership Development
Mon Jan 05 - Sun Jan 11
ACT Australian Alps Family
Mon Jan 05 - Fri Jan 16
ACT Australian Alps Navigator
Mon Jan 05 - Fri Jan 16
VIC Snowy River Navigator
Tue Apr 07 - Sat Apr 18
ACT Australian Alps Navigator
Tue Apr 07 - Mon May 18
WA South West Navigator

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