Lions Clubs and Outward Bound - The most natural of partners

A Strong Community Partnership

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Outward Bound's concept of Community Partnerships is a simple one, with a clear focus on disadvantaged youth. Outward Bound has partnered with Australian Lions Clubs for over 50 years in joint ventures to give local youth the opportunity to take a unique journey of fun-filled but challenging self-discovery. We are not talking simply about youth at risk, nor are we talking about ‘boot camps’ as sensationalised by the media.  Our youth programs are focussed on challenging all young people to be better than they believe they are, to recognise and build on their strengths and to overcome their perceived weaknesses, leading to a clear understanding that all limitations are self-imposed.

Could one Lions Club Project change over 100 lives?

To read about N2 District Nowra Lions incredible project spanning more than two decades click here.

Did you know that Lismore Lions, the first Lions Club in Australia, sponsored a young man on the very first Outward Bound course in Australia?

Lions Clubs and Outward Bound - we go back a long way! For the history of the partnership between Australian Lions Clubs and Outward Bound click here.

Which Lions Clubs have partnered with Outward Bound?

For a full list of participating clubs click here.

What's in it for your Club?

We are all better than we know. If only we could be brought to realise this, we may never again settle for anything less.

A Community Partnership with Outward Bound is YOUR opportunity to introduce this simple but life-changing ethos to the disadvantaged youth of your community that you sponsor: never to settle for less than the very best they can be.

To read testimonials and more about the tangible rewards your members will experience click here.


How to get involved?

This project needs a committed Lions Club and a driver; a champion; an individual Lion with energy and enthusiasm to work directly with our coordinator. The process is simple but it can be time consuming for one person and therefore requires strong Club support. But the rewards for all are enormous! Interested?

To see how it works click here.

District Conventions

The best way to learn the facts and spread the news! Book your guest speaker now!

Outward Bound will provide a guest speaker for your District Convention on request and/or set up an information booth. Presentations have been applauded as entertaining, interesting and informative at District Conventions at N2 (3 occasions), N4, W1, W2 Districts with N1 and Q1 in line for October 2011, at the time of this update.

To find out more or book a guest speaker call:

Eastern states-
National Community Liaison Coordinator Lloyd Worthy ph. 0412 489 926 or Free call 1800 267 999.
To read Lloyd's speaker profile click here.

Western Australia-
WA Community Partnership Managers  Claire Peck & Damon Croke ph. 08 9840 1279 or 0407 095 130

To read Claire's speaker profile click here.

The Future


There are over 1200 Lions Clubs in Australia. By increasing our partnerships and working together, Outward Bound recognises the boundless opportunity to afford youth across the country, in the difficult transition from adolescence to imminent adulthood, the chance to discover, develop and achieve their own unlimited potential. We believe it is our shared responsibility to give our teenagers the best possible start in life. A unique Outward Bound experience represents that start!

Ethics above Outcome

Lions Clubs and Outward Bound have common visions and missions. We are part of kindred international, independent organisations, altruistic in outlook, based heavily on service, community, and ethical values, with a shared determination to make the world a better place. Staff and members of both are selected not on who they are, but on what they believe.

All too much?

For Community Partnerships 'in a nutshell' click here.

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