Youth Development and Leadership Camps

Empowering the Youth of Australia

Outward Bound Australia empowers school students, aspiring leaders and disadvantaged youth to reach their full potential by giving them the skills they need to become resilient, confident, self-aware members of their communities. Our exhilarating youth development and leadership camps take young people to a place apart where they are challenged physcially, mentally and emotionally and empowered with a new outlook on their lives and the world they live in.

We partner with community groups, organisations, corporations and small businesses across Australia that are concerned with the challenges today's young people face and invested in developing education,  personal development and leadership opportunities for youth in their local communities.

Our Youth Development and Leadership Camps run throughout the year in spectacular locations across Australia.

youth development and leadership camps

Youth Development

Youth Development programs run in conjunction with organisations across Australia with the joint mission to empower youth to discover, develop and acheive their potential. We partner with other not-for-profits, charities,  Indigenous education organisations and government agencies to provide powerful experiential education programs for their members and scholarship recipients.

We also run Youth Development and Adventure programs for individuals interested in adventure, inspiration and new friends who want to enrol in a public course.

Find out more about our Youth Development Programs.

Youth Leadership

Outward Bound is invested in helping young people discover, develop and acheive their leadership potential through program opportunities that explore the fundamentals of leadership and teamwork using experiential techniques, wilderness-based journeys and classroom-style workshops.

Programs are available for individuals and groups interested in leadership, whether they be school captains, prefects, sporting captains, community leaders or aspiring leaders.

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Community Youth Programs

Outward Bound Australia partners with community organisations and local companies around Australia to provide sponsorship opporttunities for financially, socially or geographically disadvantaged youth to attend an empowering Outward Bound personal development program.

Programs range from individual sponsorhip opportunities with Australian Lions Clubs to corporate sponsorship for whole school and community groups.

If you are interested in getting the youth of your community involved or would like to partner with Outward Bound to sponsor a Community Youth Program, please read more about our  Community Youth Program Partnership opportunities here.

If you would like to know more about Lions Club partnerships, please read about our  Lions Club Community Initiatives.


If you are interested in partnering with Outward Bound on any of our Youth Development, Leadership or Community Programs, or would like to get involved with a new initiative that empowers youth in your region, please submit an enquiry and our Partnerships Team will get in touch with you.

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