New courses for 2012

2012 is gearing up to be a big year for Outward Bound, with a suite of great new courses as things start heating up over in the West and with the acquisition of our new business, Outward Bound @ Inter-Action. There’s also a lot happening in the leadership space, with a range of tailored programs aimed at helping youth develop the skills needed to help them become positive leaders in their communities.

Business in Western Australia is full steam ahead, with the introduction of an Indigenous Leaders Program and School Leaders program, as well as the first ever corporate Catalyst program to be held at the Walpole base:

-          WA Indigenous Leaders, 14th-20th January, 2012, for Indigenous students ages 15-17.

-          WA School Leaders, 23rd – 29th January, 2012, for aspiring school leaders ages 15-17.

-          WA Catalyst Leadership Development, 5th-11th February, 2012, for professionals over 18.

Meanwhile, back over on the east coast, we’ll also see a busy year with the introduction of the first Youth Navigator course and a Scenic Rim to River course at the northern NSW based operational area, Outward Bound @ Inter-Action:

-          Northern NSW Youth Navigator, 7th-19th January, 2012, for anyone ages 15-17.

-          Northern NSW Scenic River to Rim, 30th June - 13th July, 2012, for anyone over 18.

We’re also very excited to welcome back the much loved Victorian Snowy River Navigator course after a two-year break:

-          VIC Youth Navigator, 8th-20th January, 2012 for anyone ages 15-17.

Last but certainly not least, Outward Bound is proud to announce the very first Leadership Development course designed for young Leos, supported by Lions Clubs of Australia. Read about this exciting new opportunity in the article below:

- ACT Leos Leadership, 23rd-25th January, 2012, for Leos ages 15-17.

For more information about each of these courses, select the course title in the events list to the right of this page.

Upcoming Courses

Mon May 05 - Mon May 12
WA Catalyst Leadership Development
Sat May 24 - Fri May 30
ACT Catalyst Leadership Development
Mon Jun 30 - Fri Jul 11
NSW Rainforest Navigator
Mon Sep 22 - Sun Sep 28
ACT Australian Alps Family
Mon Sep 22 - Fri Oct 03
ACT Australian Alps Navigator
Mon Sep 22 - Sun Sep 28
VIC Snowy River Family
Mon Sep 22 - Fri Oct 03
VIC Snowy River Navigator
Mon Sep 22 - Sun Sep 28
WA South West Family
Sun Sep 28 - Thu Oct 09
WA South West Navigator
Sat Oct 18 - Fri Oct 24
NSW Catalyst Leadership Development
Mon Jan 05 - Sun Jan 11
ACT Australian Alps Family
Mon Jan 05 - Fri Jan 16
ACT Australian Alps Navigator
Mon Jan 05 - Fri Jan 16
VIC Snowy River Navigator
Tue Apr 07 - Sat Apr 18
ACT Australian Alps Navigator
Tue Apr 07 - Mon May 18
WA South West Navigator

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