Outward Bound acquires Northern NSW site - OutwardBound@InterAction is born!

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Inter-Action Director Greg Smith and Outward Bound CEO Darren Black formalise the OutwardBound@InterAction deal

A partnership between Outward Bound Australia and Northern New South Wales based Outdoor Education provider Inter-Action has been formalised with an acquisition deal that will see the birth of an exciting new endeavour - OutwardBound@InterAction.

Outward Bound’s official acquisition of Inter-Action on July 1 comes as a result of the aligning needs of both organisations; Outward Bound’s need for a site to service the South East QLD and Northern NSW market and  Director and Founder of Inter-Action, Greg Smith’s desire to see his groundwork continue with a value aligned organisation.

Greg said the deal will enable both organisations to formally begin the work of realising their potential as a greater organisation.

“Outward Bound and Inter-Action are a great match philosophically,” said Mr Smith.

“We both focus on providing a mixture of journey and activity-based programs. Outward Bound needed a site and Inter-Action had the strong local knowledge and track-record to match.”


Born of Greg’s dream to run an Outdoor Education and Retreat Centre based on his own senior and post school education experiences, Inter-Action began in October 1995 as a facility built entirely from cash flow, recycled timber from the on-site property and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

After running a program for its first customer in 1996 and making $1000 in its first year, the small organisation began to flourish due to local market needs, cost effectiveness and great, intimate customer service.

Fifteen years later, Greg’s desire to continue his dream beyond his own tenure as Director initiated a partnership with Outward Bound that would enable the teams to ‘share the load’. A long, due diligence process led to confirmation that Outward Bound Australia’s desire for a Northern NSW base fitted well with the region’s market demands and the acquisition deal was signed-off.

Moving forward, the joint organisation will seek to capture the best aspects of Outward Bound and Inter-Action and bring the two together to make OutwardBount@InterAction a bigger, better provider of Outdoor Experiential Learning.


While OutwardBound@InterAction will continue to service all of Inter-Action’s past clients, deliver its own programs and manage its own staff and customer relationships, the organisation’s delivery capacity will be maximised by acquiring seasonal Outward Bound clients and new public programs.

Outward Bound CEO Darren Black said the formation of OutwardBound@InterAction is a major step forward for Outdoor Education on the east coast of Australia.

“The acquisition gives Outward Bound a permanent presence now to grow in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, enabling locals to continue to benefit from the life-changing journeys offered by both organisations,” Mr Black said.

“Outward Bound is excited to acquire a solid client base and begin working with the terrific management team at Inter-Action, along with their outstanding facilities, equipment and the benefit of all of Greg Smith’s many years of experience in Outdoor Education.

“We look forward to building on the great foundation that Greg has built over the past 15 years.”

For more information on programs at OutwardBound@InterAction click here or contact Greg Smith ph. 02 6679 7070
or 0429 872 386.

Students reflect on their journey while taking in the beautiful Northern New South Wales scenery


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