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New courses for 2012

2012 is gearing up to be a big year for Outward Bound, with a suite of great new courses as things start heating up over in the West and with the acquisition of our new business, Outward Bound @ Inter-Action. There’s also a lot happening in the leadership space, with a range of tailored programs aimed at helping youth develop the skills needed to help them become positive leaders in their communities.

Business in Western Australia is full steam ahead, with the introduction of an Indigenous Leaders Program and School Leaders program, as well as the first ever corporate Catalyst program to be held at the Walpole base:

-          WA Indigenous Leaders, 14th-20th January, 2012, for Indigenous students ages 15-17.

-          WA School Leaders, 23rd – 29th January, 2012, for aspiring school leaders ages 15-17.

-          WA Catalyst Leadership Development, 5th-11th February, 2012, for professionals over 18.

Meanwhile, back over on the east coast, we’ll also see a busy year with the introduction of the first Youth Navigator course and a Scenic Rim to River course at the northern NSW based operational area, Outward Bound @ Inter-Action:

-          Northern NSW Youth Navigator, 7th-19th January, 2012, for anyone ages 15-17.

-          Northern NSW Scenic River to Rim, 30th June - 13th July, 2012, for anyone over 18.

We’re also very excited to welcome back the much loved Victorian Snowy River Navigator course after a two-year break:

-          VIC Youth Navigator, 8th-20th January, 2012 for anyone ages 15-17.

Last but certainly not least, Outward Bound is proud to announce the very first Leadership Development course designed for young Leos, supported by Lions Clubs of Australia. Read about this exciting new opportunity in the article below:

- ACT Leos Leadership, 23rd-25th January, 2012, for Leos ages 15-17.

For more information about each of these courses, select the course title in the events list to the right of this page.


New Strategic Partnership aids Aspiring Leaders


Outward Bound Australia and The Smith Family’s annual National Aspiring Leaders Summit (NALS) will now be able to continue providing leadership opportunities to young people across Australia thanks to a new partnership with The Trust Company.

Outward Bound Australia and The Smith Family were selected by The Trust Company as one of 17 Strategic Partners in the not-for-profit sector, as part of its Engaged Philanthropy Strategy.

The partnership will see a multi-year financial commitment from The Trust Company as Trustee for the Fred P. Archer Charitable Trust to fund the NALS Program for three years, giving Outward Bound and The Smith Family the necessary resources to offer young people across Australia the opportunity to learn leaderships skills that can help them make a difference in their communities.

Simon Lewis, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Communications and Community at The Trust Company said each Strategic Partner falls into three program areas; Socially Inclusive Education, Positive Ageing and Living with Disability with organisations that support social enterprise, innovation and capacity building also identified as partners

“Outward Bound and The Smith Family were chosen for demonstrating alignment between their program and the core objective of the Engaged Philanthropic Strategy, to maximise the discernable social impact for the benefactors who have entrusted us with their legacy,” Mr Lewis said.

The National Aspiring Leaders Summit falls into The Trust Company’s program area of Social Inclusive Education, with the program focusing on developing the necessary skills, attitudes and behaviours in young people that will allow them to effectively address social problems and declines in modern society as positive leaders.

At a fundamental level, NALS addresses six declines in modern society through experiential education and facilitation: self-discipline; compassion; initiative and enterprise; fitness; memory and imagination; and skill and care.

By addressing these social declines and providing young people with resilience, confidence and self-awareness, Outward Bound and The Smith Family, together with The Trust Company, aim to engage young people and encourage a significant, long-term positive impact in Australian communities.

Outward Bound Australia CEO Darren Black says the National Aspiring Leadership Summit is always a highlight of Outward Bound’s calendar.

“The progress the young people make during their week at the Aspiring Leaders Summit with Outward Bound is amazing,” Mr Black said.

“Their drive and commitment to making a difference in their community is inspiring to see.”

The discretionary funding for Outward Bound and The Smith Family’s NALS program, along with The Trust Company’s 16 other partners, is distributed through the Fred P. Archer Charitable Trust, for which The Trust Company is Trustee. The Trust was established by Fred P. Archer prior to his death in 1977 after spending 54 years in Papua New Guinea. The trust deed directs distributions “For the relief of poverty within the Commonwealth of Australia including Papua New Guinea, for the advancement of education and for other like purposes”.

For more information about the NALS Program, or if you are interested in partnering with Outward Bound to offer young Australians life-changing opportunities, contact:

Australian Outward Bound Development Fund Director, Lucas Gamble
Ph: 1800 627 999
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


About The Trust Company

The Trust Company is one of Australia’s longest-serving financial services companies with over 125 years of experience. The Trust Company Group provides trustee services for personal, corporate and philanthropy clients and has over A$1 billion in charitable funds under administration. Currently serving as trustee for over 800 charitable trusts, The Trust Company has recently launched a new Engaged Philanthropy program, designed to create lasting social impact in the community. This is led by 17 strategic partnerships with key non-profit organisations across the sector.

The Trust Company Group has offices in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.


XPDition of a lifetime


Ten days straight and over 700km of trekking, mountain biking and kayaking with little sleep in between sounds a bit like a nightmare – unless you work for Outward Bound, in which case it’s an adventure of a lifetime.

Outward Bound staff members Chris St Jack, Jason Schreiber, Laura Marshall and Ben Kaiser took on the challenge of this year’s XPD Adventure Racing World Championships and pushed themselves to the ultimate limit of human endurance.

In true Outward Bound style, throughout the race the team embodied principals of the Outward Bound culture; resilience, self-discipline, skill and reflection, as they endured harsh conditions and navigated through check-points to the finish line.

Team member Laura said their ultimate goal was to finish as a ranked team of four, which they successfully achieved, finishing the race with an impressive rank of 37th out of 89 teams from countries around the world.

Laura recounts the team’s experiences:

“’As much an expedition as a race’ is the XPD motto and this year it was combined with the Adventure Race World Championships, 89 teams began, with 44 ‘full teams’ finishing the race.  Ben, Jason, Chris and I headed to the wild, wet and wonderful north-west coast of Tasmania for ten days of adventure racing. We undertook a variety of activities including trekking, kayaking, mountain biking, clay pigeon shooting, caving and canyoning, covering a total of 733km.


We began steadily, keeping a pace we could maintain. The weather came in many variations: heat, cold, wind, rain and snow. We experienced a few bike mechanicals - a broken chain, a split tyre and worn out brake pads. These were dealt with and we moved on steadily.

We pushed on with minimal sleep. Until the Arthur River we averaged two hours sleep a night, with some nights just settling for power naps, stopping and sleeping where we were for 20 minutes; just enough time to recharge but not get cold. The sleep monsters were evident early on with hallucinations and voices constantly being heard– surely there was a group coming up behind us! Covering large distances on one discipline, like biking or kayaking, is hard when combined with sleep depravation as the monotomy of the task started giving us the nods. This was very evident on the 70km kayak leg where we found we would just catch ourselves before falling into the river! Alternatively, hitting a rapid normally refocused us!


The Arthur River was a highlight, with continuous flowing water up to Grade Two white water and encased by the ancient and somewhat prehistoric feel of the Tarkine Forest. The river section also had an enforced Dark Zone so from 7pm until 6:30am we had to stay off the water, meaning the chance to dry out with a fire, hot food and more than double our sleep hours thus far.













The final legs were tough as our bodies were feeling the drain of energy and injuries started to appear in our feet and legs. Nevertheless, we maintained high spirits even with the most gruelling part of the journey towards the end, a trek of 25 km; a short distance but over boulders, dense bush and mostly in the darkest hours of the night.

This played on our minds and bodies quite a lot, so we were relived to reach the final transition and enjoyed a smooth last leg of mountain biking, taking in some roads along the coast to Burnie oval with a lap of the cycle track and a warm welcome form Bens family.

One of the beautiful aspects of XPD was the ripple effect on people supporting us. One example is Ben’s sister, a primary school teacher in Tasmania who used the values of  XPD as a teaching aid for her Grade One and Two class. The children sent us some beautiful poems, pictures and asked us a lot of questions. They also told us that they played XPD at lunchtime and followed our date on line. That’s a whole class of people following Outward Bound!



Our ultimate goal was to finish as a ranked team of four and we are happy to say we achieved this, along with many individual, personal goals. In summary, XPD was an amazing experience and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us, especially Moxie Gaiters, Outward Bound Australia, Andrea Strand, Mick Scicluna, Equipped and our family and friends.”



Young Leos shaping up to be our future leaders

A new joint initiative between Outward Bound and Australian Lions Clubs will see young members of the Lions’ youth division, Leos, develop practical leadership skills to help them become positive role models and leaders in their communities.

The new three-day Outward Bound program for Leos aged 15 to 17 will reinforce and strengthen key attributes of Leos members such as resilience, responsibility, service and teamwork through outdoor experiential challenges.

With a key focus on the Leo acronym, leadership, experience, opportunity, the new program has been designed by Outward Bound to provide a key component of the development of Leos members as  not only the future of the Lions Club organisation, but as leaders who understand the value in contributing to the community.

The first course, to be run from 23rd – 25th January 2012, will see mainly NSW-based Leos Clubs, supported by their local Lions Club, sponsor participants to participate in the program, however clubs from other states are also welcome to join.

National Leos Coordinator Martin Peebles said Leos is very supportive of the program and is looking forward to expanding it across the country.

If you know of any young Leos with a desire to become a leader, you can help them develop their potential by inviting their club to sponsor them on the Outward Bound program. Contact Gail Hart, NSW Leos Coordinator, phone: 02 9810 7095 or Outward Bound NSW Partnerships Manager Jessica Shugart, phone: 0419 913 611, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Alumni members empower future generations

Word of mouth can have a powerful impact, especially when people speak from their heart. The following stories about Outward Bound experiences, told by three separate people, pay testament to the ability to reach out and change the life of individuals through the power of story telling:

Outward Bound Alumni member and AMP Retirees Association member Brian East recently invited Outward Bound CEO Darren Black to speak at a quarterly Association meeting. Brian chose Darren based on his own personal experiences with Outward Bound, having been selected for an Outward Bound course in 1984 and experiencing a life-changing journey.

“Before I went on the Outward Bound course, I was offered a very challenging position with AMP, one that I had rejected on several occasions as I didn’t think I could do the job. After the course, having gained a new confidence instilled in me by my OB experiences, I accepted the new job, which I stayed in for 15 years with great success and lead me to my current role as a practicing Financial Planner, running my own business in Cronulla.

It is without question that if not for Outward Bound, I would not be where I am today. I have stayed connected with OB over the years and decided the AMP meeting was the perfect opportunity to share Outward Bound with my fellow members. I believe Outward Bound is the best personal development organisation in Australia bar none!”

- Brian East, Outward Bound Alumni & AMP Retirees Association Member

At the AMP meeting, Outward Bound Australia CEO Darren Black spoke about Outward Bound and its potential to help youth and adults realise they are capable of more than they think. His words were powerful and had a profound impact on one Association Member in particular, Les Gill. Les went on to sponsor his 15 year old granddaughter, Rebecca, to participate in Outward Bound’s Youth Navigator program and was astounded at the positive change in Rebecca’s attitude when she returned from the course. Rebecca and Les now have a great relationship.

les gill“My wife and I have eight grandchildren between us ranging in ages from 12 to 22 years of age. I became motivated to find out more about Outward Bound and how it can positively influence teenagers after Darren spoke to us at the AMP Retirees Association meeting because I’m very aware of what an important and difficult time of life this can be, not only for grandchildren themselves but also for parents and grandparents like us.

My thoughts were, what a gift we could give to our grandchildren, so I followed through after the Outward Bound presentation and discovered to my delight that there was just one vacancy on the 12-day Youth Navigator course.

Nothing could have prepared me for the wonderful and inspiring stories Rebecca and I shared on our five hour return journey home after her Outward Bound course. I was quite honestly moved to tears on hearing of the wonderful growth and learning Rebecca had received. She told me:


“Granddad, I hated it at first. My legs hurt, my back hurt, I hated what I was wearing.  I threw a huge dummy spit and wanted to go home. But after four days of negativity and emotion, I realised that the people around me were all going through the same thing and that they actually cared about me. I realised how much parents and grandparents do for their children and how much we take advantage of them. I realised that life is what you make it. I learnt that I can take ownership of my life.”

We are currently preparing to send our other grandchildren on Outward Bound courses; the rewards are immeasurable.”

- Les Gill, AMP Retirees Association Member

Les, Rebecca and Brian’s stories pay testament to the power of sharing experiences; a chain of events that began in 1984, when Brian was chosen for an Outward Bound course, has allowed young Rebecca, 17 years later, to experience a journey that has changed her life, positively impacting her entire family.

rebecca tighe

As an Outward Bound Alumni member, we invite you too, to take the opportunity to empower your staff and colleagues with the knowledge of Outward Bound’s life-changing experiences.  To arrange an Outward Bound guest speaker to visit your organisation please contact Lucas Gamble, phone 1800 267 999 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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