Mission and Fundamentals of Outward Bound

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide challenging experiences that help people to discover, develop and achieve their potential. 

Our Core Values

  • Human Potential - Striving to be the best we can be.Active Image
  • Integrity - Being true to yourself and others - having the courage to honour your values and commitments.
  • Responsibility - To self, others and the environment. To be accountable for your decisions and actions.
  • Resilience - The determination to perservere through adversity and challenge, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Compassion - Caring for others and accepting the differences of people in our diverse global community.
  • Service - Service beyond self for the betterment of others and the environment.



Course Objectives


  • Personal Development - To enhance self-awareness, self-esteem, confidence, discipline and motivation, and improve physical fitness.
  • Teamwork - To enhance appreciation and awareness of other's strengths and skills. To develop an understanding of the positive attributes of an effective team including leadership, followship, participation, trust and communication.
  • Leadership Development - To develop social awareness, interpersonal skills and communication skills. To provide group leadership opportunities in challenging and unfamiliar settings.
  • Service - To teach the concept of service. To provide opportunities to model and practise acts of service to others and/or the environment. To develop a service ethic.
  • Environment - To develop appreciation for and an awareness of the natural environment. To develop awareness of minimal impact practices.


Design Principles

  • Experiential Learning – Learning by Doing. Providing diverse stimulating activities involving teamwork and problem-solving facilitated to bring out the best in you.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment – Providing you the right support, guidance and belief in your potential so that you can challenge yourself and celebrate your success.
  • Adventure and Challenge – Stepping out of your comfort zone to face mental, physical, social and emotional challenges with a sense of fun and adventure.
  • Self-discipline – Allowing you to make decisions, experience consequence, success and failure, and being accountable for what you say and do.
  • Skill & Care – Self-respect, using initiative and being resourceful to achieve to the best of your ability.
  • Solitude and Reflection – Providing a place apart to appreciate silence, reflect on your values and set goals for your future.
  • Minimal Impact Practices – conducting ourselves in environmentally responsible and sustainable ways.

Upcoming Courses

Mon May 05 - Mon May 12
WA Catalyst Leadership Development
Sat May 24 - Fri May 30
ACT Catalyst Leadership Development
Mon Jun 30 - Fri Jul 11
NSW Rainforest Navigator
Mon Sep 22 - Sun Sep 28
ACT Australian Alps Family
Mon Sep 22 - Fri Oct 03
ACT Australian Alps Navigator
Mon Sep 22 - Sun Sep 28
VIC Snowy River Family
Mon Sep 22 - Fri Oct 03
VIC Snowy River Navigator
Mon Sep 22 - Sun Sep 28
WA South West Family
Sun Sep 28 - Thu Oct 09
WA South West Navigator
Sat Oct 18 - Fri Oct 24
NSW Catalyst Leadership Development
Mon Jan 05 - Sun Jan 11
ACT Australian Alps Family
Mon Jan 05 - Fri Jan 16
ACT Australian Alps Navigator
Mon Jan 05 - Fri Jan 16
VIC Snowy River Navigator
Tue Apr 07 - Sat Apr 18
ACT Australian Alps Navigator
Tue Apr 07 - Mon May 18
WA South West Navigator

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